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Amicus Kindergarten
Amicus Kindergarten aims to develop well rounded children. We embrace the world’s best practices in Early Years Education that develops the child holistically and makes them happy and eager to learn. There is great emphasis placed on building a child’s self esteem by developing them physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially, linguistically and spiritually in a very creative and child centered environment, through play. Children  are innately curious. At Amicus the teachers’ role is to help to harness this curiosity and shape it into rational, logical and sustainable processes of thought. This can be most effectively  done by interesting, meaningful, hands-on learning experiences. Our ultimate aim is to open the door of learning for children and make them love the process so that they will become self- motivated learners in their future lives.
Amicus Kindergarten caters for children from 11/2 years to 7 years old age group. It includes a Day Care Center, Playgroup, Nursery, Reception, Year 1 - 3 classes. Saturday and Sunday Fun days  open to all (including non Amicus students) for 3 year olds - 14 year olds Over the weekends, Amicus holds fun days that are rich in play and creative activities. They include: Art and crafts activities such as pottery, origami, painting, fabric design etc. Others are dance and movement, drama, cookery, pony riding, games and lots more. French classes, Every Saturday for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners.
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